No Shave November! 

Every week Whiskey, Randy, and Stuntman Steve will be posting pictures of their No Shave November Beards! Why, you ask, are the men of Froggy running around looking like the men of Duck Dynasty?

1. No one thinks Whiskey can grow facial hair, and we enjoy making fun of him on air.

2. Stuntman Steve likes coming to work looking like a hobo.

3. Randy is trying to cover up his growing double chin so he can pig out on Thanksgiving!

4. We want to show our support for the amazing organizations fighting for cancer cures and treatment in our area. We ask that you check back every week, take a peek at how ridiculous our Men of Froggy look, and click on the logo-links below so you can donate to these great places. Even better, join in on the fun and encourage your friends to check these organizations out as well!