Here's a warning next time you're in the DC area...

A Virginia man owes the state $202,000 in unpaid tolls from the Dulles Toll Road!

photo credit to Getty Images

A 33-year-old Virginia man is learning the hard way that you'll have to pay a toll for stupidity -- to the tune of $96,000.

Jason Bourcier used the Dulles Toll Road during his commute from Reston, Virginia to Washington, D.C. for over three years without paying the toll. He claims he was told that the booths were empty after 11:30 p.m. and the road could be used overnight for free.

Well... He was wrong! And every time he went through the tolls, his car was photographed and a ticket was issued.

He was issued numerous tickets for $440, but he ignored them and with late penalties and processing fees, his total came out to $202,000 owed to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Jason will settled with V-DOT on a lower total... he has to pay back $96,000! He's making monthly payments of $150 a month over the next 54 years. He will be 87 when the debt is repaid.