If you want to be a millionaire someday, it might help to know what real millionaires are like.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there.  Here are five of the most common myths about millionaires.


1.  They spend a lot.  We have this idea of millionaires throwing away money all the time on expensive stuff.  But a lot of them are really frugal.  In a lot of cases, people get to be millionaires later in life just because they saved a lot all along.



2.  They're better than us.  It's not that millionaires are smarter, more talented, or better at business.  More often they're just good at setting goals and working toward them.  They have a gift for moving forward in situations where other people give up.



3.  They're luckier.  Nope, they just work hard.  Every small business owner who became a millionaire has some story about hearing "No" from a hundred people before hearing the first "Yes." 



4.  They're born into money.  In fact, a recent survey found that 86% of millionaires are self-made.  Most of them say they didn't even have rich contacts when they first started out.



5.  They're fearless.  Again, most millionaires are just like us.  They're afraid of rejection . . . they just overcome it.  Usually they're just realistic about their chances.



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