The safe thing to do if you think you might fall asleep behind the wheel is to pull over and take a NAP.  But a recent survey found that only 23% of us actually do that. 

According to PR Newswire, here are the top things we do to avoid falling asleep at the wheel...


1. Drink something with caffeine in it.  53% said it's one thing they do to stay awake.

2. Open a window, 42%.

3. Switch drivers, 42%.

4. Pull over to stretch, 35%.

5. Crank up the radio, 35%.  *We especially like this one :)

6. Crank the A/C, 25%.

7. Pull over for a nap, 23%.

8. Eat something, 21%.

9. Sing along to the radio, 21%.  *We like this one, too!


Talking to yourself just missed the top ten, with 11%...and 10% of people say they just start SLAPPING themselves. 


photo credit: lecerd via photopin cc