Food Facts: Game Day!

Here Are Some Interesting Food Facts About Game Day That Will Have Your Tummy Grumbling And Mouth Watering: 

  • 1.23 Billion Chicken Wings Will Be Eaten On Super Bowl Sunday. 
  • Believe It Or Not, Raw Veggies Are The Most Popular Food Eaten During The Big Game ... Not Without Plenty Of Fattening Dips To Go With Them, Though!
  • Domino's Estimates That They Will Deliver 11 Million Pies On Game Day.
  • Fans Will Also Be Munching On A Whopping 11.2 Million Pounds Of Potato Chips.
  • Holy Moley Don't Forget The Guacamole! 8 Million Pounds Of Avocadoes Will Be Mashed Into The Delicious Dip For Game Day.
  • 48 Million Americans Will Order Takeout Or Delivery Food From A Restaurant Instead Of Cooking At Home.
  • 3.8 Million Pounds Of Popcorn Will Be Popped.
  • The Average Fan Will Consume 1200 Calories And 50 Grams Of Fat From Snacks Alone. And Yes, That's Just Snacks And Not Meals On The Big Day.
  • It'S Estimated That 51.7 Million Cases Of Beer Will Be sold.
  • Don't Forget The Pretzels. 4.3 Million Pounds Of The Salty Treats Will Be Eaten Across The Country.
  • This Sunday Is The Most Popular Grilling Day Of Winter With 62% Of Owners Firing Up The Grill.
  • 2.5 Million Pounds Of Nuts Will Be Eaten In Addition To All That Other Grub.
  • Big Game Day is The Second Highest Day Of Food Consumption In The United States After Thanksgiving.
  • Not Surprisingly, After All That Eating, Antacid sales are expected to increase 20% on the day after the game.
Josh Wolff



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