According to an article in The Huffington Post, here are 9 USUSUAL WAYS TO KEEP YOUR HOME WARM WITHOUT TURNING UP THE HEAT:

1. Close the doors of rooms you're not using so you can contain the heat you've generated.

2. If you have a ceiling fan...rotate it clockwise to drive warm air down towards you.

3. Swap out your cotton sheets for flannel ones.

4. Floors account for as much as 10-percent of heat loss if they're not put down area rugs.

5. If you have a radiator...put tin foil behind it so that heat reflects back into the room...instead of escaping through the wall.

6. Turn off your bathroom fan to prevent it from pulling hot air out of your home.

7. Warm your sheets with a blowdryer...or use hot water bottles to warm you up.

8. Make sure your furniture isn't in front of a window.

9. Wears layers of clothing...even when indoors.