Would it be nice if we could hook people up to a lie detector test whenever we wanted? Well...if you pay close attention, there are some physical signs that someone isn't being truthful.

According to BlissTree.com, here are 10 PHYSICAL SIGNS THAT SOMEONE IS LYING TO YOU:


1. It’s all in the eyes. Either too much or too little eye contact. Liars typically avoid eye contact, but if you feel like they’re creepily staring you down, “they may be working hard at lying” and are checking to see if you bought their lie.

2. Smiling Faces tell lies and I’ve got proof. Liars employ fake smiles, learning to tell the difference can help you spot a liar.

3. Grooming like a pretty monkey. Liars might mollify their anxiety by grooming themselves or their immediate surroundings. Some examples: adjusting spectacles, tucking hair behind the year, futzing with jewelry or ties, cleaning up a spill, mopping their brow.



photo credit: Dyanna Hyde via photopin cc