The new year is a great time to get organized.  And whether you tackle it one drawer at a time, one room at a time, or the whole house all at once... Here are some easy tips:

Start with five empty medium sized boxes.  Label them as follows:

1.  Trash

2.  Recycle

3.  Sell

4.  Donate

5.  Relocate (to another room)


By using these boxes you can continue to go through the room and clean out what you need, without stopping each time you need to throw away something, etc... It helps keep the organization train moving.

Another easy tip is to take everything out of the drawers first... then go through and decide what stays or goes.  By looking at everything at once you can see how much you have, any duplicates, etc.  Do you really need 30 pair of socks?  By seeing them all at once it'll make it easier to donate a few (dozen) pairs.

Once you have everything out... look for the items you want to keep, not the ones you want to toss.  This way you prioritize what you want to stay and tend to get rid of more.

Don't forget to clean out the refrigerator.  Check expiration dates and toss!  This means the freezer too.  if you don't know what it is or when you bought it... out it goes.  Then you'll have more room for that healthy food you're going to buy.  Riiiight?