Every good relationship is built on trust . . . and WHITE LIES.  Here are the top ten white lies people tell their significant other . . .

 1.  The kids ate all the junk food.

 2.  I'm not planning anything special, don't get your hopes up.

 3.  Your hair looks different . . . I meant 'good' different.  You haven't had anything done?  Well, it still looks great.

 4.  Don't worry, I know everything will work out.

 5.  I really like spending time with your family.

 6.  Your makeup looks great today.

 7.  I don't mind that you've gained weight, and I still find you just as attractive.

 8.  I'm not drunk, I just had a couple beers.

 9.  You're right to be this upset, I can't believe she would say that to you.

 10.  I'm fine.

photo credit: shutterstock