Think back on these things that were totally normal in the 80's, but are inconceivable today:

  • Sitting in the middle seat in the front of the car: Seat belts and booster seats weren't even on the radar. The front seat in between mom and dad was the most awesome spot in the car!
  • Using SPF 4 as sunblock: That's if your parents even lathered the stuff on you during a day at the beach! SPF 4 was serious protection when most people were putting baby oil on their skin and basically cooking in the sun.
  • What helmet? Back in the '80s you just got on your bike or your skateboard and took off − there was no such thing as helmets and pads!
  • Leaving kids in the car while you ran into the store for a sec: What? The window was cracked!
  • Being allowed to run free in the neighborhood until dinner time without checking in: Once school was out kids roamed free without parental supervision or phones, and parents wouldn't even bat an eye about it!
  • Walking to school: It was totally acceptable to send a kindergartner off to school by themselves. That's what crossing guards are for! (TheStir)