This number seems a little high, but according to a new survey, the average pet causes $440 worth of damage every year.  Here are the main ways they destroy your stuff . . .

60% of the damage comes from chewing, biting, or drooling on stuff.

20% comes from getting electronics WET by knocking them into the toilet or knocking a glass of water onto them.

18% comes from VOMITING or PEEING on stuff.

And 5% comes from BURYING your things in the yard.

Dogs are the most destructive, followed by cats, rabbits, parrots, and hamsters.

38% of pet owners think their pets destroy stuff because they're bored . . . 27% think the pets want attention . . . 15% think the pets are JEALOUS of other pets . . . and 2% think their pets broke stuff because they were DEPRESSED.

photo credit: shutterstock