You might find some of your co-workers annoying.  And they probably feel the same way about YOU. 


Check out the four ways you're probably annoying your co-workers:


1.  You won't shut up about your dog, your kids, your vacation, or your upcoming wedding.  You can talk about that stuff for a few minutes, but if you find yourself going on and on . . . you're probably driving your co-workers crazy. And they might even SEEM interested, but they don't really care . . . they're just being polite. 


2.  You're always doing fundraisers.  Some parents bring in their kid's fundraising projects from school, and you're forced to buy wrapping paper and other stuff you don't want. If this sounds like you, keep in mind that most people you work with don't care if you do this OCCASIONALLY.  Just try not to sell them stuff all the time.


3.  You ask for help all the time.  If you find yourself trying to get attention from your co-workers, constantly needing help, asking questions, or fishing for praise . . . they probably find you really annoying. 


4.  You make a lot of noise.  If you talk really loud on the phone or play music other people can hear . . . then your co-workers might hate you.   Use headphones.  And keep your voice down.  No one wants to hear your conversations.