Dierks Bentley's second single from his latest album is called "Drunk on a Plane." And he says it was as fun to write as it sounds.

Dierks tells us: "Drunk on a Plane I wrote with Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear, and went in to write with those guys, and had an idea. Josh threw that idea out, and he said, I always wanted to write a song called Drunk on a Plane. Of course, I’m obsessed with planes, so I’m like, I love that! I’ve got to have a song called Drunk on a Plane. Just thinking about the idea of being drunk on a plane and all the crazy things that could happen or do happen. It was really fun writing with those guys, just kind of creating this idea of this story of this guy who had been left at the altar, and just the ups and downs and the highs and lows of being on a plane and being drunk. I knew when I wrote it, it would go over great live. Like I could just take my guitar and go and play it in front of an audience that had never heard it before and get a laugh and entertain with that song, but I didn’t know if it’d make the record or not."

Dierks' first single, "I Hold On," went No. 1.

Sure it isn't called 'Drunk on a Plane' but it reminded us of this 'Blockbuster'.