If you don't like fashion and hate getting dressed up, here's something that might make the process a tiny bit easier.  Check out three fashion rules you can ignore, according to "Good Housekeeping"magazine.

1.  You Shouldn't Wear Black with Navy Blue.  It's only true when it's a really DARK navy blue.  Basically, you just want to make sure it's obvious that you didn't ACCIDENTALLY wear them together . . . as in, a black blazer and dark navy slacks. If it's a LIGHT navy blue, wearing black with it is fine.

2.  You Shouldn't Mix Two Different Patterns.  For example, some women think it's bad to wear a flora skirt with a polka-dot blouse. But according to "Good Housekeeping", that's okay as long as one of them is more understated, so they don't clash too much.  And they should also both have at least one or two colors in common.

3.  If You're Overweight, You Should Hide It with Loose Clothing.  The truth is, oversized clothes tend to make you look BIGGER, not smaller.  And almost everyone looks best in clothing that actually fits.

(Good Housekeeping)