American figure skater Gracie Gold, who came in fourth in the just-ended Sochi Olympics, has accepted a prom date invitation from a California 17-year-old who'd originally asked her in a YouTube video earlier this week that went viral. Dyer Pettijohn of Malibu High School posted his video on February 23rd, listing reasons why Gold would be his perfect prom date, which included, "You're gorgeous and my mom thinks I'm pretty," and "You're an Olympic athlete, and I made varsity [track]." Gold tweeted the next day, "This melted my heart," but didn't answer. But she was surprised during an interview with Extra Wednesday night (February 26th) when Pettijohn walked about with a bouquet of flowers and asked, "Gracie, would you go to prom me with me?" The 18-year-old Gold accepted, answering, "If it works out, I would love to."