Hunter Hayes is charging toward the top of the country charts with his latest single, "Invisible." He co-wrote the song, which conjured up memories of an unhappy time in his life.

Hunter says his passion for all things music actually made him feel "invisible" to his classmates when he was back in school."I went through a lot of different feelings that come with being someone who doesn't fit in at all. I was music obsessed. I would sit in class and draw pictures of tour buses and I would design sets, you know, stage sets, on the side of my notebook, and it was things like that. My mind was always in the future, and I would have a fake day sheet. I had a fake schedule, really, that kind of felt like what my day on tour would be like and I'd look at that all day long and go, 'Where would I be now if I was on the road?' And I just thought that was weird, because it was. All the things that I was obsessed with were just so different and so weird. I think that led to essentially not feeling like I had a place where I really fit in."

"Invisible" will be included on Hunter's new album, Storyline, which will be in stores on Tuesday!