The series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" was apparently pretty divisive, because a lot of fans are FUMING about how it ended.

(SPOILER ALERT)  Some of the things people are most upset about are:  The revelation that the mother has been dead the whole time . . . the fact that Barney and Robin got divorced . . . and the odd choice to have Ted leave in the middle of the wedding because he "has to move," and then he doesn't end up moving.


There were a lot of furious comments like these Tweets:  Quote, "What was the point of the whole show?  I'm yelling right now."  And, quote, "So, if my wife dies young, I should tell my kids a long story about how we met, while really asking if I can bang an old lover?"


Craig Thomas, who co-created the show, saw some of the fans freaking out on social media.  He thanked fans for their "passion" and Tweeted:  Quote, "Seriously, no matter what you thought of tonight, thank you."Regardless, the show went out on top, with a series-high of 12.9 million viewers.


"Us" magazine put together a list of 10 OTHER shows with endings that ticked people off.  Here's the list:


1.  "The Sopranos".  It cut to black in the middle of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", while the family was just eating at a restaurant.


2.  "Angel".  It ended with a battle, but who actually survived is still unknown.


3.  "Seinfeld".  Of course, they all ended up being thrown in jail for being horrible people.


4.  "Gossip Girl".  The big "reveal" that "Gossip Girl" was Penn Badgley's character fell flat with fans.


5.  "Desperate Housewives".  Susan Mayer sells her home on Wisteria Lane, and she and her son M.J. move to help her daughter Julie raise her baby.


6.  "Dexter".  Fans didn't like that Dexter merely ended up in self-imposed exile.


7.  "The Hills".  The show HINTED that it was fake the whole time . . . which of course it WAS . . . but it didn't commit to that, and left it open-ended.


8.  "St. Elsewhere".  The whole show was a snowglobe-inspired daydream.


9.  "Roseanne".  In the finale, Roseanne reveals that the entire show was something she wrote for a book.  Some of the events were TRUE . . . but others were things that she made up, because she didn't like what actually happened.


10.  "Lost".  It ended without answering many questions, and confused some viewers by having the characters reunited in the afterlife.