Listen to the 'surprise' below! here she is with Austin!

We love our interns, really, we do. Occasionally, they need to be taught a few lessons and they are also a great source of some entertainment. 

Interns Kayee and Matt are our Thursday interns. Kaylee is ALWAYS on time. Matt on the other hand, is always late - which we love to humiliate him for. We convince Kaylee that he was late again and that the interns were in trouble, that we were going to make Matt cry. Little did she know, the joke was on her. 

Kaylee is a DIE HARD Austin Mahone fan (and as a country station, this results in endless teasing) and requested a day off so she could go see his DC show. For the past two weeks we have called in some favors and arranged for her to meet Austin Mahone at the concert. Below is her reaction - it will bring a smile to anyones face! 

Congrats Kaylee - you no longer have to stalk his tour bus outside concerts all over the East Coast!