Jake Owen is following up his recent Number One hit, “Beachin’,” with a song called “What We Ain’t Got.” Jake says that audiences tend to pay special attention to it because of its meaningful lyrics.

Jake considers really important, even for himself. "I go through it; I have everything I could ever want right in front of me right now with my wife and my child and a great career and tour buses and a family that’s healthy and great, but I still find that I want more, ’cause I’m competitive. And sometimes it just takes takin’ a minute to sit there and realize that what we have right in front of us is just as satisfying as anything that we could ever want — and sometimes it takes a little three-minute song like this one to make you remember that.”

Jake debuted “What We Ain’t Got” with a performance last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's at least a little more meaningful than the 'drought' song he sand on the show earlier.