Jerrod Niemann follows up the Number One success of his last single, "Drink To That All Night," with a song simply called "Donkey." The two songs are sort of similar in theme in that the end result is, well, drinking.

"‘Donkey’ is on deck! ‘Donkey’ is a song that will change everybody’s lives. And when they hear me say that, they say, ‘How could you change our lives?’ And the truth is, they’re gonna realize at some point, that if they didn’t have their truck, their car, a cab, a friend, any ride to the bar, and all they had left to ride to the bar was a stupid donkey, you know you’d ride that donkey. So everybody out there, do yourself a favor and just give in and understand that it’s okay to ride that donkey down to the honky tonky.”

“Donkey” is the second single from Jerrod's new album, High Noon.