Kellie Pickler recently paid a visit to San Francisco 49ers star Patrick Willis to help him up his game, so to speak, by improving his on-field celebration with some new dance moves. Fans can look forward to a new move that Pickler helped create called the "Warrior Willis" for marking such occasions as tackles, sacks and interceptions.

Pickler said, "I'm a huge football fan and I love it when players get the crowd pumped up on the field. I am really excited about the 'Warrior Willis' move that I taught Patrick today, it's a fun way to show off his power and strength. He was a quick learner and I hope we get to see the finished product on the field this fall."

Willis added, "Kellie was a great teacher and I loved watching her dancing win last year. There's a lot of energy packed into that tiny lady -- she was just the person to teach me some new moves to make my celebrations something special . . ."

The stars were brought together by Rockin' Refuel, a high-protein, low-carb milk-bases beverage for athletes of all levels.

Kellie won Dancing With The Stars last year.