Miranda Lambert says her latest hit, "Automatic," is both a reminder to slow down and an appreciation of the past that only comes from having some life experience under your belt. She tells us: "It's hard to write a song like 'Automatic' when you're 21, but I'm getting to where I've lived a little more. I've done some things and I have a long way to go, but I also am realizing that it's very fast-paced, this lifestyle that I'm living right now and the life that we're all living, and so some songs like 'Automatic', I feel like those are the ones where you sort of take a minute and just slow down for a second and enjoy what's happening because it's always about the next -- the next place, the next show, the next event, whatever's happening, and it's never about right now or what we did five years ago. It's like, 'Remember that time?' I feel like I just want to make sure I'm enjoying this and it's kind of like a mental scrapbook in a way."

Miranda's new album, Platinum, will be released on June 3rd.

While she's not heading out on a full-fledged tour this summer, Miranda's got plenty of shows and appearances to keep her busy, including three stadium dates on Jason Aldean's Burn It Down tour.