Rascal Flatts’ new album, Rewind, is officially in the hands of the fans and Joe Don Rooney thinks they’ll find it was worth the wait. He says Rewind is a better album overall simply because they took their time and really searched to find the best songs for the project. “I think the one good thing we had on our side was time because everybody at Big Machine just said, ‘Take your time with this album. No rush. Go in and have fun. Go have fun again.’ The process of making music and making albums should be fun and I think we’d missed that quite a few years in a row there making music. We were probably trying a little too hard here and there and not looking deep enough for songs. I think we just got a little comfortable and maybe complacent about song searching, but his project . . . I mean, a year and a half of song searching – man, we went deep and we found some just dynamite material that I don’t think we would’ve found if we didn’t challenge each other to go actually meet one-on-one with these publishers right here in Nashville, these song pluggers.”

The deluxe edition of Rewind featuring four bonus tracks is available exclusively at Target.

The Rewind tour kicks off on Friday in St. Louis with special guest Sheryl Crow.