Sara Evans is proud to say that she's one of the few women in country music who is getting radio airplay these days. The singer has a Top 20 hit with "Slow Me Down," the debut single and title track of her new album.

She tells us: “With country music being the way that it is right now in terms of there are so many men that are dominating, it’s such an honor and, like, just makes me feel so great to know that I’m one of the females that they are playing. And ‘Slow Me Down’ I think is just phenomenally written. Just the fact that it…the hook line says, ‘hurry up and slow me down,’ and they combine this great lyric with a phenomenal melody, and it’s just all coming together perfectly and makes this song really, really emotional. She’s wanting to leave, and she’s trying to say, ‘I’m going to go, but I want you to stop me. I want you to chase after me,’ and really, that’s what most women want, in my opinion.”

Sara will kick off Fox and Friends' All-American Summer Concert Series on Friday, May 23rd.