Every summer, a big country star or two get together with some music makers with developmental disabilities for a week long camp.

This year, it was The Band Perry's turn.

Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry spent a few hours with young adults who have Williams Syndrome, and that comes with some learning disabilities. But wow, do they have incredible music making talents.

The camp is called Lifting Lives, and it'll end with the campers performing live on the Grand Ole Opry on Friday night (June 27).

And The Band Perry said they were blown away at how fast their song came together with the campers.

The song is called "Bright Eyes" and they got the title in about ten minutes.

Kimberly Perry said it might take them a few weeks to get a song title and a year to write it.

But that song, "Bright Eyes," was done in a day.

A video of highlights of that songwriting session is up on YouTube. And you can see how pumped those campers were to hang out with The Band Perry.

Oh, and the song's pretty good, too.