(L to R) Front- Shelby (Mar-Del), Jennifer (GA)
(L to R) Back- Whiskey (DE), Brooke (SC), Brandi (National, FL), Meagan (FL), Randy(MD).

The Watermelon Queens visited W&R and they put them to the test!
We'd like to thank Caitlin Givens from the Mar-Del Watermelon Association for bringing everyone by! It was great to see our Mar-Del Watermelon Queen, Shelby Hurley along with Brandi Harrison the National Watermelon Queen (Gainesville, FL), Georgia Watermelon Queen-Jennifer Eadie, Florida Watermelon Queen-Meagan Morgan, and South Carolina Watermelon Queen- Brooke Allender. Have a great stay on Delmarva and we wish you all the best!

We also did another seed spitting competition and the National queen took the top spot, followed by Randy and then Whiskey.

Who's the most deserving W&R Watermelon Queen...Check it out below to find out!