Here are 11 Interesting Celebrity Facts, from a book called "1,227 Quite Interesting Facts to Blow Your Socks Off". . .

1.  Jack Nicholson grew up believing his grandmother was his mother, and his mother was his sister.  Jack was an illegitimate child, and his mom was 17 when she had him . . . so an arrangement was made. Jack didn't find out until 1974, when he was 37.  Both his mom and grandmother were gone by then.

2.  Oprah Winfrey's given name was actually ORPAH, after the sister of Ruth in the Bible. But so many people said and spelled it wrong, she just gave up.

3.  Kanye North and Kanye South are parliamentary constituencies in the African nation of Botswana.  (There is no Kanye West)

 4.  Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany.

5.  It's impossible to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

6.  Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name was "Moon".

7.  Although he played Fonzie for 10 years on "Happy Days", Henry Winkler never learned to ride a motorcycle. 

8.  Steve Jobs' annual salary as CEO of Apple was ONE DOLLAR.

9.  Before he was famous, Sylvester Stallone had a job cleaning out lion cages.

10.  Dr. Ruth trained as a sniper for the Israeli army.  In 1948, she was wounded in action by an exploding shell during the Israeli War of Independence.

11.  Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew.  When he joined the Screen Actors Guild, there was already a "Michael Fox", so he added the "J".  He didn't want to be "Michael A. Fox", because he thought people would make a joke out of it.