Dustin Lynch's current hit, "Where It's At," is a catchy tune but there's more to it than that. The singer tells us that what he most loves about the song is it's important message. "It put a smile on my face and got my head nodding the first time I heard it, but 'Where It's At' is a song about, you know, we go through life and there's some great . . . we all have highlights, moments, places we visit, memories we make, and if you get to thinking about those things it's usually because of the people that are with you or that are around you. There's somebody that you're with -- maybe it's a friend or significant other. That's what this song is. It's got that message to it. There's all this great superficial stuff in life but it can be taken to the next level with whoever's around you."

"Where It's At" is the first single and title track from Dustin's upcoming sophomore album, due in stores on September 9th.