'I Could Use a Love Song' Video is Real, Raw, and GOOD

Once again, Maren Morris has officially slayed the music video game. Just one day after the video for 'Craving You' dropped (if you have't seen it yet, you probably need to go watch it...like now) she released the video for her current single 'I Could Use a Love Song'. Just hearing the song stirs up a whole pot of emotions on it's own, but add the video footage and your heart might start to break into a little tiny pieces. It's real, it's raw, and it's good.

In a Facebook post the day of the release, Maren shared this statement: "It's hard for me to be vulnerable sometimes, so making the I Could Use a Love Song video was tough because it's extremely personal to my story to getting where I am today. It's been a process, but thankfully, our AMAZING cast Shelley Hennig and Garrett Hines brought this chapter to life in such a raw way."