Luke Bryan Breaks His Own Rules For a Good Reason!


Luke Bryan made the night of a special fan before his show in Kansas City, MO on Friday night. Eighty-eight-year-old Frances Stanaway is suffering with a terminal illness but she wanted to meet her favorite singer. Luke invited Frances backstage, where she wore her custom-made T-shirt which read, 'Shake it for me, Luke." He not only posed for a picture with her, but let her break one of his cardinal meet-and-greet rules -- no butt grabbing! In the photo, Frances has her hands on Luke's backside while he makes a shocked expression. Frances' son told a local Kansas City station, “This is probably the most excited she’s been for six or seven months. We’re excited for her because she used to love country so much before she went to the nursing home. She doesn’t get to experience it much more.”


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