Country Stars Rally Behind Bullying Victim on Social Media

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By now we've all seen he heartbreaking viral video circling the Internet, showing middle school student Keaton Jones from Knoxville, TN taking a stand against bullying. His mother posted the video in which her son describes what he and thousands of other kids across the country go through every single day. 

Every parent should show their kids this video.. my mom or dad woulda kicked my ass if I bullied other kids and you should punch your own face if your kid does this shit! Lazy ass parenting. This is a special kid, and his self awareness is pretty unique for someone his age. Thanks for sending my way kristin. Show your damn kids the video and how not to treat people.

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Since the video was posted, members of the country community have stepped up through social media to offer their love and support to Keaton and his mom. In the Instagram post above, Kip Moore says "every parent should show their kids this video".



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