Brothers Osborne Needs to Shoot a Video


Brothers Osborne use some of their music to explain how they grew up and where they came from as a blue-collar family. John and TJ Osborne came from modest beginnings but as John explains, it didn't make life any less fun. “We’re from Maryland, which is a very blue-collar state. Our dad’s a plumber, our mom’s a hairdresser. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but we still really loved life. We enjoyed ourselves so much, you know, and we tried to have the biggest time possible with what little we had. There’s songs like ‘Rum’ explains that – it’s about we can’t afford to go to the beach, but we’re gonna live it up like we’re at the beach. We don’t have money, but we’re richer than anyone could ever be. "Pawn Shop," for example, it’s like we understand what it’s like when you have to sell what you have because you can’t afford to eat or keep the lights on. We want to express that it’s okay to be that way, because we turned out alright. We’re doing fine. As long as you’re able to laugh and able to enjoy yourself with family and friends, you’re really living the good life.”

Brothers Osborne are currently making their way up the country charts with “Shoot Me Straight” from their latest album, Port Saint Joe.


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