Kane Brown Reveals His First Celebrity Crush

"Billboard" convinced KANE BROWN to play a game of "First, Best, Last, Worst" . . . and we learned a few interesting things.

His first celebrity crush was Topanga, the character played by Danielle Fishel on "Boy Meets World", and "Girl Meets World".

As for his best karaoke song:  He said, quote, "That would be either 'Gettin' You Home' by Chris Young . . . or if I'm with my mom, I gotta sing 'Man!  I Feel Like A Woman' by Shania Twain."

The last time he cried was when he and his guitar player were on tour and they watched the Adam Sandler movie, "Click".  Quote, "We ended up calling our girls and it was like, 'We're so sorry.  Wish you were here.'"

His worst habit is clearing his throat too much . . . and he's been known to do it while watching movies with friends.  His wife Katelyn Jae pointed that out to him before they got married.  (And she'll keep pointing it out until he stops.)

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