Lee Brice Can't Sing "Rumor" as Well as He Could When He Wrote It!

LEE BRICE's"Rumor"is turning into a pretty big hit. It's at #12 and rising on the"Billboard"Hot Country Songs chart. What's interesting is that the song only happened because he was having serious issues with his voice.

Quote, "Before my vocal surgery, I was struggling really badly to sing, so I [started] writing more soulful songs. It kind of led to this raspy voice, these soulful songs, and'Rumor'was one of the first ones.

"I found myself doing a Motown, groovy, bluesy thing because of the fact that my voice was injured."

He had the surgery in 2016, and his voice is fine now. In fact, it's too fine. He can't sing the song quite as raspy as he did when he wrote it. Quote, "[But] I can fake it pretty good now."

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