Carrie Underwood Is Happy It's All Girls on The Cry Pretty 360 Tour!


Carrie Underwood kicks off her first tour in almost three years, the Cry Pretty 360 Tour, in Greensboro, NC. Her coveted opening slots went to two other female acts --Maddie & Tae and Runaway June-- and while Carrie is always happy to support women, she tells us these ladies in particular were what the tour needed. "I wanted talented people on stage that I respected musically, that I thought sound like they're supposed to sound (laughs), that the audience would enjoy, that would be pleasant to be around. I mean, that's just kind of how it worked out. I chose some ladies to go out with us, but it's because they're super talented. It was mainly about just putting together a great show. It's an added bonus that they're all women, but I believe in these women and hopefully they'll just continue to have more and more doors open for them cause they deserve it."

Fans can expect all three acts to collaborate at least once during the show.

The Cry Pretty 360 Tour continues on through opening weekend in Birmingham, AL and North Little Rock, AR.



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