Jimmie Allen is One Busy Man!


Jimmie is trying to live his best life, having found success in country music and now incorporating acting into his schedule. Hollywood has come calling and he is happily answering. "I've had a few movie opportunities come by. I've had to turn a few down just cause of timing. I've got a TV show I'm starting to work on. I got a pretty big role, offer that just came in. We start filming that in June. I think next year I'm taking a month off -- or maybe end of this year I think I'm gonna take about a month off and do a residency on Broadway cause I love musical theater. I did it in high school, college, post-college. I'm like man, let's strike while we can. You only live once so . . . Everybody said, 'You should focus on music first.' Why? Like if I got time to do it and you love it, do it. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I just want to be creative and do everything I've been wanting to do."

Jimmie is already a favorite on NBC's Todayshow where in addition to performing several times, he has co-hosted the show and contributed to their "Guys Tell All" segment.

Jimmie is currently climbing the charts with "Make Me Want To." This summer, he'll tour with both Rascal Flatts and Chris Young.



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