14 Genius Chipotle Ordering Hacks

  1. Order a bowl, double everything, and get tortillas on the side Two burritos for the price of one!
  2. Don't ask for double anything until the first scoop is added. This way, the size of the second scoop isn't compromised by the size of the first scoop.
  3. DIY nachos using the kid's taco meal...secret menu item?
  4. Get your taco shells on the side and all the fillings in a bowl. Less mess!
  5. Asking for half & half when choosing your meat gets you more than normal.
  6. Get a little bit of everything in every bite by having your server mix up your burrito fillings before they roll it up.
  7. Get two meals out of one bowl by getting it to go, splitting it into two portions, and putting it over salad greens.
  8. Get free guacamole one of two ways: it's on the house when you order a veggie burrito, bowl, or tacos...or just go during busy hours and hope they forget. 
  9. Skip the lines and get your food faster...use the free Chipotle app to order ahead of time!
  10. On a tight budget? Just get the essentials. One bean & cheese burrito will run you less than $2.50!
  11. Keep a lookout for Chipotle ads in your mailbox and take advantage of them. They run promotions like "buy one, get one free" and "buy a gift card, get a free burrito" pretty often.
  12. Going back to #9...a burrito with just 3 ingredients is called a "3-pointer" and will be a bit cheaper than a burrito with everything in it.
  13. DIY Taco Bell at Chipotle! Order a hard taco with fillings of your choice, and then request extra soft tortillas on the side at no charge. Chipotle Crunchwrap, anyone?
  14. Why pay an extra $2+ for chips when you can ask for hard taco shells at no charge instead?


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