Good Stuff: No One Eats Alone At School!


Boca Raton Community High School senior Denis Estimon remembers feeling isolated when he came to Boca Raton, Florida as a Haitian immigrant in the first grade. He’s a popular student now, but he doesn’t want other kids to feel alone, so he and some friends started a club called We Dine Together.

The club’s mission is to hang out in the school courtyard at lunch, making sure no one is sitting by themselves, wishing they had company. “To me it’s like, if we don’t try to go make that change,” Estimon says, “who’s going to do it?”

It’s having a big impact on the students, especially the new ones. Giving them someone to sit with and talk to can make a huge difference and make them feel accepted. That little bit of empathy goes a long way to make outsiders feel welcome, and makes high school a little more bearable.

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