#TBT 'Memba When Chris Young Won Nashville Star?


Chris Young is still absorbing the fact that "Sober Saturday Night" is his 9th #1 song.  Never taking it for granted, he remembers vividly what it was like having only one song the audience recognized. He says: "I remember when I first released ‘Drinkin’ Me Lonely’ that was at the beginning, the middle and the end and I was alluding to that song as much as I could. I was like here is that song that’s a single that you don’t know. I hope you like it. So, being able to be in the situation now when sometimes there is number ones left out of a show. Um, I don’t know if you came up to me when I was 20 and I signed my record deal and told me that one day it would be like that, that I would have believed you. It’s wild"

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