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GHOST IN THE SHELL     PG-13     1:47


Scarlett Johansson plays a cyborg in a futuristic anti-terrorist unit that hunts down terrorists who can hack into people's minds.  But as she gets deeper into her mission, she's confronted with the fact that her whole existence is a lie. She learns that her old life was actually STOLEN from her, and vows to find out who's responsible and stop them from doing it to anyone else.  It's based on a Japanese manga comic book from 1989 about a cyborg named Major who questions whether or not she still has a soul now that she's more machine than human.  It was also an anime TV series and movie in the '90s.

BOSS BABY     PG     1:37


An animated movie starring Alec Baldwin as the new baby in the house . . . who wears a suit, talks, carries a briefcase . . . and starts a fierce rivalry with his 7-year old brother.  Their parents are played by Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow.

THE ZOOKEEPERS WIFE     PG-13     2:04


Jessica Chastain stars in this World War II movie about a couple who were running a zoo in 1939 Poland when the Germans invaded, and she begins working with the Resistance to save the lives of as many people as she can in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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