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Here's What's In Theaters This Weekend!

Free Fire     R     1:30

Armie Hammer and Brie Larson try to broker a gun deal between some IRA rebels and an arms dealer in the '70s, when everything goes to hell and they all get caught in a shootout.

Sharlto Copley is the arms dealer and Cillian Murphy is the buyer.

Phoenix Forgotten     PG-13     1:27

A sci-fi horror movie where three teenagers disappear after a UFO sighting of mysterious lights in the skies above Phoenix, Arizona.  The truth is discovered 20 years later, on some unseen footage of the final hours of their trip to investigate the lights.

Unforgettable     R     1:40


Katherine Heigl becomes psychotic when her ex-husband marries another woman, and she watches Rosario Dawson move into her old life with him and her daughter.  So she sets about to destroy her life, any way she can.

The Promise     PG-13     2:14

Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac are rivals who are forced to work together to survive the Armenian genocide during the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War One.  Bale's an American journalist reporting on the war and Isaac is an Armenian competing with him for the affection of Charlotte Le Bon.

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