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Live with Kelly and Ryan?

KELLY RIPA has been searching for a new, permanent co-host since MICHAEL STRAHAN left last May.  And yesterday, she finally announced the end of that search.

Her new co-host will be RYAN SEACREST, and the show will be renamed "Live with Kelly and Ryan".  Ryan co-hosted five times over the past year, and of course he was on the show yesterday for the big reveal.

As part of the deal, Ryan is also becoming an executive producer, alongside Kelly.  She was promoted to executive producer as part of her new deal after ABC botched the handling of Michael's departure.

In a statement, Kelly said, quote, "Ryan is a quintessential broadcaster and at the top of his game.  I'm thrilled to start my mornings with him every day, and we are so fortunate at 'Live' to have him join the family."

He said he texted a few close friends and said he had some EXCITING news . . . and he joked his friends guessed it was one of three things:  That he was getting engaged, having a baby, or coming out of the closet.

Ryan and Kelly have been friends for over a decade.  They first worked together in 2005, when they began a four-year run co-hosting the Walt Disney Christmas Parade together.

Obviously, your first question is:  'How does Ryan have time for this?'  And that actually isn't clear.  He doesn't have "American Idol" on his plate anymore, but he's KEEPING all the rest of his gigs.

He'll continue hosting his radio show, although he's moving his studio from Los Angeles to New York.  

He'll also continue hosting red carpet specials for the Oscars, Grammys, and Golden Globes on E! . . . as well as ABC's "New Year's Rockin' Eve", among his other specials.  

His production company will continue to operate in L.A., as will his fashion company, and his entrepreneurial and philanthropic work.  He's planning to fly back to L.A. every weekend. 

If you're looking for an entertainment job. There aren't any, he has them all.

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