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Pirates vs Baywatch This Weekend at the Movies

 "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"  (PG-13)   2:09

Johnny Depp is back for his fifth turn as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Javier Bardem is the bad guy.  He's a dead pirate hunter named Captain Salazar, who escapes from the Devil's Triangle and vows revenge against Sparrow for trapping him there.

Salazar forces Captain Barbossa to help hunt Jack down, so you can expect Geoffrey Rush to steal quite a few scenes as Barbossa.  Luckily, Jack gets some unexpected help from Will Turner's son Henry . . . who's played by Brenton Thwaites.

Henry's been searching for something called Poseidon's Trident, because it might be the key to breaking the curse that has his dad trapped aboard the Flying Dutchman.  The trident is also their only hope against Salazar's army of the undead.

And the only person who can lead them to it is Kaya Scodelario from the "Maze Runner" movies.

Paul McCartney has a pirate cameo, and Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are also back as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.  They weren't in the fourth movie, "On Stranger Tides", but they came back for this one to play Henry's parents.

The critics have been pretty harsh so far in their reviews, but that shouldn't hurt its box office haul.  "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is still expected to make AT LEAST $80 million in the U.S. over the holiday weekend . . . and twice as much overseas.

"Baywatch"  (R)  (Opened Wednesday) 1:59

This remake of the '90s TV show stars Dwayne Johnson as a veteran lifeguard who butts heads with Zac Efron . . . an Olympic swimmer who's hired as a PR stunt.  The Rock's got the Hoff's role of Mitch Buchannon, and Zac is playing Matt Brody.

Priyanka Chopra from "Quantico" is the villain.  She's the new owner of a club on the beach, who they suspect of dealing drugs.

The rest of the cast includes Kelly Rohrbach as Pamela Anderson's character, CJ Parker . . . Alexandria Daddario as Nicole Eggert's character, Summer Quinn . . . and a minx named Ilfenesh Hadera as Alexandra Paul's character, Stephanie Holden.

The "Baywatch" movie also includes brief cameos from original stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

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