Bryce Harper Charges Mound After Getting Hit


Washington Nationals star BRYCE HARPER talked to a group of Little Leaguers on Saturday, and he had a strong message for them . . . participation trophies don't count.

He said, quote, "As much as they might tell you, 'It's okay you guys lost today,' no Johnny.  No participation trophies, OK?  First place only, alright?"

He meant it as a motivational message for older kids . . . and amazingly, they seemed to accept it coming from him, even though he's a LOSER in his own book.

Harper hasn't won a World Series with the Nationals in his five years in the league.  In fact, they haven't even made it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Harper HAS put up some big stats though . . . and he's even accepted some trophies for stuff like National League MVP, the Hank Aaron Award, and Rookie of the Year, but those don't count, because he's never been a winner.

Speaking of Harper, he was DRILLED by a 98 mile-per-hour fastball in the hip yesterday by San Francisco Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland.  Harper charged the mound . . . punches were thrown . . . and they were both ejected.


You may recognize the man who tweeted that! Scott worked for TV16 here on Delmarva for quite a few years! He's doing well covering sports in DC! Glad to see ya Scotty A!  

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