Old Dominion Explains the Sasquatch


Old Dominion’s fans have expressed curiosity about the Sasquatch featured as the artwork for the group's latest single, “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart.” Group member Trevor Rosen has the answer. He tells us:  “We were actually out on the road and Will, our manager, hit us up and he said “we need the single artwork like today. We have to turn it in.” And we were like, ‘Man, not much notice.’ And he said ‘do you just want to use a picture of you guys?’ And we said, ‘No, No.’ And I said, ‘I got this.’ For ‘Song For Another Time,’ I sort of jokingly drew this t shirt idea and it was really bad and everyone laughed. So this time I said, ‘I got this, I got this.’ I was kind of kidding. I grabbed a napkin and a sharpie and I drew the Sasquatch with a broken heart and I kind of set it on the bus and I didn’t say anything about it and then Matt (Ramsey) came walking off the bus holding it and he goes, ‘I get it . . . Sasquatch . . . no such thing . . . ’ he says, ‘I actually think this is awesome, I want to use this’ And so we were laughing and he had his tattoo girl do a little bit better version of it and so that ended up being the single artwork ."

"No Such Thing As A Broken Heart" is the debut single from Old Dominion's upcoming album, Happy Endings, due out on August 25th.

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