The Five Things Employees Want From Their Company

1.  Recognition.  63% of employees don't think they get enough praise.

2.  Feedback.  32% of employees don't feel like they get regular feedback from their boss.  And 31% wish their boss would communicate one-on-one more.

3.  Work-life balance.  23% of people say they often feel drained when they leave work.  And 60% have noticed their job taking a toll on their personal life.

4.  Company alignment.  33% of employees don't think their company's core values align with their own.  And less than half would recommend their company as a good place to work. 

5.  Growth.  56% of people don't feel like they have clear opportunities for promotions, or ways to learn new job skills.  And 33% of employees don't think they're paid fairly.


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