Devin Dawson Owes His Career To Taylor Swift

DEVIN DAWSON's "Dark Horse" album showed up at Number Five on the "Billboard's" Top Country Albums chart this week.  That's huge for anybody, let alone a new guy. 

But how many new guys can say TAYLOR SWIFT jumpstarted their career?  His big break happened back in 2014.  Devin and a friend named Louisa Wendorff did a mashup of "Blank Space" and "Style" . . . and it went viral.

He says, quote, "Somehow, Taylor saw it, Tweeted it, Facebooked it, and Google-Plussed it . . . all those apps.  She stuck her neck out and was like, 'Hey, I like this,' and it caught on.  It was the most incredible, indescribable moment in our lives."

Suddenly, Music City big shots were pounding on the door.  But even better, it gave him the confidence to go all-in with his career.  Quote, "I definitely credit her for giving me a head start and kicking me into the eye and giving me a chance to prove myself."

All that's left is for him to personally thank her . . . but they'll have to be in the same room for that.  Quote, "I still haven't met her to this day, but I hope to say hey and give her a hug one day . . . or write a song with her, do a duet or something."  (Billboard)

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