Carly Pearce Reveals Her Favorite Tour Perk


The Country Music Freaks tour just kicked off last week with Blake Shelton, Brett Eldredge and Carly Pearce, and while Carly is excited to be on tour with Blake and Brett, she is especially excited to be on tour with Brett’s dog, Edgar Boogie. 

Carly tells us her first thought about the tour after getting the invitation: “Are you kidding? I literally said to my mom, I’m like, ‘Oh I wonder if he would let me take Edgar for a walk?’ Edgar looks a lot like my dog, she’s much older now her name’s Ginger, and Edgar looks a lot like what she looked like as a puppy. They’re so funny and he is hilarious and I think he has one of the most amazing voices of the new males, just like Brett Young. Both Brett’s kind of have my favorite tones of male artists.  And he’s a goofball, I’m kind of goofy, so is Blake.  It’s just going to be a party. And we’re all so tall, it’s like the tall person tour.”

The Country Music Freaks tour also features another very tall person, Trace Adkins. They move on to Grand Rapids, MI on Thursday.

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