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Want to be Healthy? Avoid These for Breakfast!

1. Instant Oatmeal. It's packed with sugar and salt. Plus...it's processed. If you're going with oatmeal, go with the slow cook kind.

2.  Sugary cereal.  Even the ones that look healthy can have a lot of sugar.  Like a bowl of Cracklin' Oat Bran has 15 grams of sugar, compared to 11 grams in Frosted Flakes.

3.  Waffles with syrup.  It's basically sugar on sugar with almost no fiber.  The fat in the butter actually slows down the absorption of sugar in your body.  But obviously butter isn't a health food either.

4.  A glass of orange juice.  It's basically straight sugar.  And most brands are processed at a really high temperature, which kills a lot of the nutrients.

5.  A bagel with cream cheese.  The cream cheese is loaded with saturated fat, and one regular bagel is like eating four pieces of bread.  So a better choice is HALF of a whole-wheat bagel, with avocado instead of cream cheese.

6.  Pop-Tarts.  They're basically just sugar.  So they might give you a jolt of energy.  But then you'll crash and be hungry again.

7.  Flavored yogurt.  Plain yogurt with some fruit in it is a good choice.  But just like instant oatmeal, other kinds of yogurt tend to have a lot of added sugar. 


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