Were Kane Brown & Lauren Aliana Forced To Get Close?


KANE BROWN and LAUREN ALAINA are up for a CMT Music Award next month for their "What Ifs" video.

But some of the best acting Kane ever did was during the ACM Awards when he and Lauren had to pretend to be romantic while performing "What Ifs".  

Even though they've been friends since middle school the producers wanted them to "sell" the love song.  They were coached to slowly walk towards each other until they endedup face-to-face. 

Kane tells Taste of Country, quote, "That was the first thing they told us.  They were like, 'you're over here, and you're over there . . . and THIS is how you end.'  We were like, what?  It was super awkward. 

"[Lauren] was like, 'Might as well go ahead and grab his butt too.'" 

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